I want to ride my bicycle

        I fell in love with this set of ads that I saw at the Ads Of the World site, one of my favorite hangouts on the net. Those ads were created by Chad Worth, a graphic designer with a heart of a poet. I don’t know whether it was the way he captured with his words what cycling is all about, the whimsical, naive-style illustrations, or maybe the feeling you get after reading his line, that you feel like climbing on a bicycle again – feeling the sweat, the wind and the road.

 I remember all the various thoughts I had, long long ago,  when it is just me, the road and the bike. There were times I was quite sure, I could go anywhere with my bike, queen of the city, the village and the hills. Along with a childhood weaved with dreams, my bike was my ‘best friend’ for the journey.

Looking at those ads, I could build a bridge & experience once again, those sweet moments I thought were all gone.




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